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Hello from Missourah

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For out-of-staters, that's "Missouri". I live close to Concordia.

Just smoked a boneless turkey breast, brisket, ribs, pork loin, and an already cooked half-ham yesterday. I'm not good at keeping the ribs and brisket from getting tough, yet, but I'm working on it. I have a cheap, thin metal Charbroil smoker, with the firebox on the side. It isn't much, but it does all right on non-windy days. I also used a vertical box, but it isn't much good because the charcoal/wood pan sits right on the bottom, and the draft vents are above the pan. The fire smoulders good, and then goes out. I have trouble getting enough air on the fire to keep the temperature up to 180 - 200 degrees. I ended up finishing much of the meat on my friend's Brinkman SmokinPit.

I'm still working on my rub, with brown sugar, Lawry's, Tone's Cajun seasoning, a bit of onion powder, a bit of garlic powder.

The turkey breast works out well in the smoker. I call it a smoke sponge, 'cause it seems to soak up all that smoke flavor. So far I've been using hickory and mesquite. I'm looking around for some fruit wood, like apple or peach, 'cause I hear it has good flavor.

There's nothing better than great smoked meat!! My Rottweiler likes the trimmings and such, too! He sits there looking at me while smoking (or grilling), making sure I don't mess up his meal.
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Re: Hello from Missourah

MoDave i am also new here and also live in missouri little town of Clarksburg. WELCOME
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Howdy MoDave from another fellow Missiourian. You've found a great site to share all of you smoking adventures and mabye learn a bit too. How do you cook your ribs? If you haven't tried it the 3-2-1 method works really well. There are tons of posts here on the site that will tell you how to get the perfect ribs. And if you come up with a question that hasn't already been answered the folks here will be glad to help you out.
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Re: Hello from Missourah

Welcome to SMF Dave. Looks like you got some smoke time in. Check out the beef forum for brisket tips and check out the pork forum for 3-2-1 ribs. A lot of info to be had here just by reading the forums and asking questions. We'll all be happy to help you along.
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Re: Hello from Missourah

Howdy new folk. :D

Born & raised in KCMO, but stuck around Texas after retiring from the military. (It's warmer here wink.gif )
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yo- dude,
this is another
mizzou-rah boy checking in.

im in st. ann,
thats in st.louis county.

this place is great.

ask questions -
and good folks will share their knowledge.
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Re: Hello from Missourah

MoDave, This is "another" guy from Missouri saying hi. I am in N\c Missouri in a small town called Meadville. This is a wonderful site to get a lot of infomation on smoking. jlloyd99 and i spend alot of time smoking meat on the weekend. It is a wonderful way to spend time!!!!
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Hello from Moberly!

Oh, by the way, Moberly is just 30 minutes north of columbia on highway 63. I know where the rest of you missouri people are besides Meadville.
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Meadville is located just West of Brookfield about 12 miles, or 13 miles east of Chillicothe--All east of Macon on Hwy 36.
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