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Re: Smoked Groundhog

Thanks for the recipe, Larry! I'll be doing a bit of "chucking" next month. If I have a bit of luck I will keep you posted. Think I will try a bit of cayenne or crushed red pepper in that recipe.
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Never smoked a Ground hog but have entertained the thought of smoking some spring "hogs"with my younger brother.I will tell you I had a Aunt and Uncle that ate groundhog.We never seen them very often but there was a few times we visited and my Aunt offered us Ground Hog stew with homemade biscuits!It was delicious from what I remember!My Uncle was a strong healthy man and hunting for the "chucks" was something he done often along with hunting deer,raccoon and squirrel.I'm not sure how they prepared them but they lived during the end of the depression so maybe necessity helped with the recipe.I do know the "Ground Hog" eats cleaner foods than a domestic you are what you eat!So maybe that's why my uncle lived healthy and long!My Aunt is still alive and gets around well at the ripe ol age of 89.My brother and I will try smoking a groundhog and experiment with variations.If we come up with a good one I will share it with yuns!!

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