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Pulled Pork

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Fourteen hours but well worth it.
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Re: Pulled Pork

Beautiful job, Dave. Simply gorgeous! Damn! I nearly got caught sniffing the monitor again!

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Re: Pulled Pork

Appreciate ya settin' a place at the table for us with a nice cold one ta boot. :D Everything looks great!
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Re: Pulled Pork

dag nab it, why did you have to show me this now.

a friend of mine just went wild boar hunting and got me a small one to do some smoking with. i have to wait till this weekend to do it as i dont have time durring the week.

ive been waiting on doing some pulled pork for a while, and now that i saw this its killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil:
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Re: Pulled Pork

Well I guess I have to do some butts this weekend. After seeing Dave's spread, I have a serious hankering for some pulled pork! Looking good Brother Dave!!
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