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No problem dac. Not sure if I should post it here but I guess the moderators can always move it if need be. This recipe can be adapted in many ways and can use a variety of chickens. I came up with it after having bought some out of the deli section at the local HEB in College Station TX. I'm afraid that I play around with mine so much that I never keep track of the seasonings that I use or how much. This is something that you can just play around with. Sometimes I may throw in a few walnuts or some grapes. If the mood strikes me I use chipotle mayo to spice things up a bit. The only things that seem to stay constant are the amounts of chicken, celery, onion, and mayo. The rest depends on the state of the pantry and the level of creativity flowing that day. I hope this inspiers or helps in some way. Another quick note, if you don't have time to smoke a chicken or roast or boil a chicken you can buy pre diced chicken at the deli or off the peg board in the local meat department. I wouldn't recomend the canned stuff but thats a personal preference and could be used in a pinch I guess.

Chicken Salad

1 smoked fryer, deboned and cubed
3 celery sticks, choped
1 large onion, diced
1 clove garlic, smashed, minced, or pressed
1/2 c. mayo (more or less to your tastes, just as long as everything is lightly coated)
Add seasonings to taste, here are some I like to use, not all at once mind you: salt, pepper, celery salt, old bay, taco seasoning, paprika, seasoning salt.

Combine everything in a large bowl then serve on some crusty white bread and enjoy!
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Lady J- No problem here-If a recipe is requested in a particular thread, it only seems logical that the recipe reply to be in the same thread- :D
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Hi Dennis, Gary W0GDS. Types of wood to use for various meats.


Depending upon how your equipment & you can maintain cooking



Beef can be prepared with any hardwood such as Hickory, Oak and

even Maple. These woods can also be paired with fruit tree wood.


Hardwoods are used to flavor meats for long keeping or serving.


Fruit tree woods are used for one sitting or serving event.


Whether you use a dry smoker with an offset fire box, or if you

use an electric water smoker, or variations there of, you need to

study the many materials available on Sublime Smoke to learn

the wonderful art of preparing meals in this manner. There are

many books on the market that give you a wealth of information

and teach you all about the equipment, seasonings, how to make

your own rubs, using spices, how to make your own seasonings, 

sauces and marinades, If you've never cooked before you have

a large learning curve to travel. Stay Hungry My Friend!

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