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Hey, my name is Brandon Chrisman, im 21 and like to cook and barbecue but i dont know a whole lot. i have a big bbq grill with a small firebox that my dad gave me. If anyone has any good tips let me know.
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Welcome to the best 'Que Forum on the Net!

That's what we're here for..........To help! Just post any question you have about "Low and Slow" and we'll be glad to assist! Remember, the only dumb question is the one you didn't ask!

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Brandon, it's nice to see you young folk coming on board with a willingness to learn. Keep asking and learning and by the time you reach our age you will surely by a Que Master!
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Welcome aboard Brandon!

Wish you the best in learning a great past time of smoking meat or what ever your heart desires.

Good Luck on your venture of smoking meat.

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Hello Brandon,
Welcome aboard! Be sure to keep us posted as you turn out the BBQ. I think you will find a wealth of information here and certainly wish you the very best with your new smoker.
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Hi There Brandon!

Welcome Aboard!

Take some time to lurk through the threads and posts that may interest you and pop up and ask questions whenever you are curious...

If you have a digi-cam post pics of your Grilling/Smoking endeavors and enjoy and learn from the feedback that is sure to come your way :)

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