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Hello from smoksignlr

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Gang, I found this in another area on the board so I thought I would move it up here to "Roll Call". -Dutch
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Posted: Fri Jan 06, 2006 5:07 pm Post subject: Hello from smoksignlr

It has been 10 years in the making but I finally have it done. Well it's smokin any ways. I have done some venison sausages in it and I have just pumped some pickle into some venison roasts and am maranating some jerky. Oh by the way hello guys. My name is Gary I am from Canada and it is going to - 20 tonight. Pardon me boys I'm just fumbling my way around. I have been learning alot so far. Thanks Gary
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Re: Hello from smoksignlr

Gary, Welcome to the Smoking Meats Forum and I hope you will enjoy your time here.

WOW-10 years in the making, that's is awesome. I know I'd like to see some pics of it! I'm in the process of drawing up some plans for a stick burner-right now I'm undecided if I want to do an access door to the fire chamber located under the food chamber or go with an off-set.
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Re: Hello from smoksignlr

Thanks for moving me Dutch. I was just out checkin on my stuff. I am marinating my stuff out in the garage. Some say to put jerky into plastic ziploc bags while marinating. If I leave my pieces layered in a plastic tray and mix them occassionally, they should be fine right?
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don't be wowed by the time. Like I said it is just smokin. I still have lots to do.
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Re: Hello from smoksignlr

Yep, that will work just fine.

That's the way I did it to until my wife found a marinating bag of jerky leaking all over in her 'just cleaned' fridge, so now she makes me DOUBLE bag it AND put it into a large bowl. :roll:
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I will post pictures soon, as you can see I am still learning the forum. I had originally planned to have a burner inside the food chamber with a tray for sawdust or woodchips on top of the burner. Recently I had just decided to get it smokin. What I have done is buried a steel drum outside of the food chamber and future prep area. This was an inexpensive way to start So far I am happy with what I have done. Because the groung is now frozen solid I must get some sand from a gravel pit to finish covering it. This will prevent alot of heat loss. Right now I can get a steady 190 inside the food chamber with no problem. I am still experimenting with airflow and wood amount.
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