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Nice Racks

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I have a friend that has offered to weld a frame for the inside of my smoker. (It is an old frig).

He is going to make it out of aluminum.

Does anyone know where I can get some nice racks to slide in and out of the smoker?
Do most make them or are there some that can be used for this?
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Re: Nice Racks

1/2 inch expanded metal sheets work well as do oven racks. Do Not use Refrigerator rack as they are a) coated with plastic or b) the metal racks are coated in zinc which produces toxic fumes when heated.
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Dutch please forgive my ingorance, what areexpanded metal sheets? Where should I go to get them?
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Re: Nice Racks

Cheech, Most hardware stores carry it, it's usually sold in 4'X4' or 4'X8' sheets. We used this material for racks in our smokehouses and they worked just fine. Just remember to weld a metal frame around the edge for support and to prevent any snags on clothing or oneself of the exposed cut edge.
Here is what it looks like. . .
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Dutch, I just love the wisdom that you have and are willing to share. Thanks for the info on the shelves.

Happy smoking day!
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