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Zucchini & Yellow squash

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Hey Kids!

I have some fresh zuccini & yellow squash in the garden that will be ready for pickin' in about a week or so. Now, everyone knows that squash can be roasted, sauteed, breaded & deep fried, or even casserolled...But has anyone tried smokin' it? I'm interested in any ideas or recipes, if anyone's got any. I was thinking of tossin' some in the box alongside of a couple of chickens next weekend...

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Re: Zucchini & Yellow squash

I have heard of smokin squash by splitting them lenghwise, coring out the seeds, and stuffing with some kind of meat and cheese mixture. I will look in my books to see if I can find something. (got my curiosity up)
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Re: Zucchini & Yellow squash

I have not tried this before, but since I ended up with about 9 Zucchini from the garden today with more on the way, I was thinking of doing them in the smoker for a few hours this weekend. I figured I would cut in 1/2" thick slices lengthwise, rub them with Olive Oil and then sprinkle them with some salt and a good coating of Italian Breadcrumbs mixed with grated parmesan (romano) cheese.

Who knows, might just be good. Worse case I get some of that zucchini out of the fridge!
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Re: Zucchini & Yellow squash

I don't see where you could hurt the squash. I grill squash a lot when grilling. Cut 'em in half lengthwise, a little olive oil, and seasonings does it right. I would think the smoke treatment would be good. Probably wouldn't take too long to soften up even at normal smoking temperatures.

Sure would be worth a try.
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Re: Zucchini & Yellow squash

Hi Folks,

I thought I'd post a follow-up to let y'all know what I did, since I started the subject.

First, I cut up the zucchini & squash into medium sized pieces suitable for skewering kebob style. Then, alternating the colors for effect, I skewered the pieces along with cubanelle peppers ( also from my garden) and a purple onion.

Just prior to cooking, I brushed on a light coating of extra virgin olive oil and seasond with salt, pepper, dried crushed rosemary and garlic.

My grill was prepped with a foil pouch full of oak. Since my smoker was full of other goodies, I was using the grill to smoke roast several ears of sweet corn and a foil pan of red potatoes.

Grilling directly over medium heat, I grilled the kebobs just long enough to lightly soften the veggies ( about 1-2 minutes per side) and leave those beautiful grill marks. Served as a side to the pulled pork. (earlier today, I posted in the pork section to describe the mop sauce that I used, for anyone who's interested).

Everything was fabulous!

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Re: Zucchini & Yellow squash

Well I spoted this post this afternoon while I was smoking and just happened to have one tiny zuckini and Yellow squash in the fridge so I tried it.

I sliced them into circles, salted and peppered with canjun spice and diped them in flour and egg just as I normally do then threw them in the corner of the smoker on a hunk of tin foil with holes poked in and spritzed the foil with non stick and the squash with olive oil.

Very yummy! I think I'll try smoking egg plant slices for an egg plant parmisan next time I find some good ones. Bet that would be good!

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