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Wait... what was the original  post about??

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I cannot get back to the "Big Bang" at SMF, that happened way back in '06 I believe. I did however find this post that I found to be great!


But TulsaJeff's wisdom and hard work has now resulted in almost a MILLION posts on this web site.


Too much fun, and probably millions of pounds of meat, fish, seafood, chicken, venison, elk, sausage, and dozens of other proteins have been gracing this website.  Thousands of recipes have been shared with new friends around the world.


I for one say THANKS TULSA JEFF!  It's been a great ride, and look forward to the NEXT million posts!!!


Happy Independence Day!!!  usa.gif

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Using the smoker is always a good thing for me. Get to make delicious food and the fiance likes the smell. She finds me a little more desirable with the smell of bbq and gun powder, what a good quality! Talk about a good day.

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Once u make rank does that rank name show up under your user name for all to see Or is there some way to add it under your user name.
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Originally Posted by hank2000 View Post

Once u make rank does that rank name show up under your user name for all to see Or is there some way to add it under your user name.

PREMIER member is a high rank... shows you donate a couple bucks to the forum to keep it going.... Gives you some perks to be able to not see advertising and allows you to have your blog or website show up on your profile....

GOOD of you to be a premier member.....

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Thanks it's the least I can do for all the help I have gotten. I may take advantage of the link thing since I am a member of a BBQ team we are thinking about doing a web site and maybe Facebook would good to be able to link to them. Thanks to everyone who helps all of us with what we love to do
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This was a great read, and it's over 10 years old. It's good to see how folks' interests, attitudes and opinions have changed over the years. I have only been here for 8 months and have not given much thought to ranks, points or whatever. I would just say that it has been a wonderful 8 months and I have learned so much about cooking, fire management, seasonings and tons of other things. I'm looking forward to each time that I log on. I have made some great friends that I will probably never see in person and I have pi$$ed off some folks that I hope I never meet. All opinions are never the same, but I can respect everyone. That's why they make white cars and black cars.

Keep up the good work and thanks very much, JoeThumbs Up
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Thanks for this information, it was very helpful to understand how the ranking system works. When we participate we learn!
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Originally Posted by ThunderDome View Post

I'd like to see people start using the Thumbs Up to rate a thread OR comment more often.


Since we don't have points, I think this is our best "Props" for something.


I'm guessing it's liek the points though, some people don't knwo the button exists

Couldn't agree more! I use them all the time for particularly helpful posts, but since I've never received one, I guess either all of my info is worthless, or peoples just don't know that a little recognition goes a long way to keeping people involved and aware of the forum.

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So the original post to this was A LONG time ago and there are several different titles that aren't in your post @TulsaJeff, I think it would be cool to get an updated post of the names and what it takes to get to them, just curious is all.

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There are a lot of members that help everyone , you always see their names . I think these members deserve the highest ratings. . I don't want to give names because I know I will forget someone. But these people make this site great. If I miss you I am sorry☺️
Dave Omack, bear carver, wade, jeff, Todd, chef jimmy. Thank you for making us smarter
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Cranky buzzard and dirt sailor
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Foam heart. I told ya I would miss the good ones
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