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Oh.. dark brown sugar too.. got to at least have salt and sugar with brine.. and
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You have an electric grand gourmet?
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Like so?
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Oh, you have the charcoal gourmet.. Like so..
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I do a 24-hour dry brine (just a salt & pepper rub) then add a secondary rub an hour or two before it goes on. 


I've had success with pulling it at 135 then letting it rest for 20 minutes.

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Some people don't like it pink inside . I do my pork tenderloins to 130/135 but the loins I go 145/150.

I stuff the pork loins often. I need to be sure all that stuffing is cooked to temp. Don't want Luke warm pork juice in there somewhere.
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Originally Posted by Rings R Us View Post

Oh, you have the charcoal gourmet.. Like so..


Yep, this would be mine =)

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So did you make a bunch of holes in that pan? Raise it up? Make a basket?
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And do the vents have to be on the bottom? Or will air dampers fit on the base sides?
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If I had that set up I would chuck out that coal pan and make a basket with bolts for legs to go inside the base.

No way for ash to builds up ever.
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I found images off google (below)...but essentially I used the silver pan as my base- and have it resting on 2 cement blocks so I can lift it off during the smoke- plus air should get through the bottom of it.


I drilled out the former water pan for my charcoal- the charcoal pan is now drilled out, and sits 5" out of the silver pan (used adjustable bolts) and has a grate inside of it to raise it off ash (similar to picture).

I slotted the bottom of the charcoal pan so the ash falls through and will never build up hopefully (not pictured). Hope that made sense Rings =)



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Ok.. cool 👍 as long as ash doesn't block air vents under the base. Temps could run high if you don't have it all sealed up
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I crack my door open and I get hot fast. Bottom dampers don't seem to let it get to hot.. if I have them open any. I think I could use a third damper like on a WSM. The top damper I used is smaller. Probably less volume than the gap around the lid was.
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Good stuff to know! I'll take pics when I get back and post an update when I get the pork done =)
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