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I smoked my first turkey in the REC TEC grill about two months ago. I read how everyone was saying best smoked turkeys are brined turkeys. Well I brined that 1st one in a brown sugar and salt and vinegar brine overnight. Me and Susie thought it sucked. Did not like the brined taste at all so the dog got most and a buddy that loves all turkey got the other half.

Today I am trying something different. I bought an upside down turkey cooker. It literally holds the bird in the air with the breast side down.

I have just used a little poultry rub and canola oil on the outside to keep things simple. I subjected the turkey to a three hour heavy smoke using cherry wood.

Right now I have goosed the grill temp up to 325* with a temp probe stuck in the thy. It will cook till the temp in the thy hits 170*

It's nothing fancy. No brine and a heavy initial smoke. I do have to admit that it looks pretty dang good at the moment.

The upside down turkey holder:


Turkey on the holder:

I ditched the aluminum pans as I just need them to contain the mess of the poultry rub.

Just going into the grill.

What dat burd lookin like after the three hours in da smoke. Hot damn that 170* temp in the thy is not going to come quick enough. It's looking effin good!


The finished product...Damn was it good. Moist as hell and dang tasty. 

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That turkey looks fantastic!


Cool gadget too!


Point for a delicious turkey & making the carousel too!



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I've never used vinegar in a poultry brine. You might try it again without the vinegar. That doesn't sound like a good combo to me...
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Originally Posted by Shyzabrau View Post

I've never used vinegar in a poultry brine. You might try it again without the vinegar. That doesn't sound like a good combo to me...

I was thinking the same thing. Maybe try a brine on some thighs that are cheap and try something else other than vinegar.
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  When I brine turkey's and it is quite often we always use TQ,, sometimes add maple syrop or brown sugar to it, We have not had a bad one yet.  Neat looking turkey stand, Great looking bird. Point for that, Is there any sliced shots? 

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That did turn out looking great! It definitely got my attention on the carousel!


Are you willing to say what recipe exactly you used to brine your turkey that had vinegar in it? I cant think of any brines that have vinegar in them and I don't think I would like it either. There are many "marinades" with vinegar. Such as the Cornell Chicken marinade comes to mind that has vinegar, but I wouldn't consider that a "Brine" either. I am imagining in my mind adding a whole lotta salt to it make it a brine.... naah.


So far the "Best" (sorry Cranky!) brined turkeys I have made is in fact a brined one, done in Pops brine cure. I think I could eat a whole turkey in one sitting! Don't give up on brining. Just get a good recipe and go by the measurements exactly.

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:drool:points1.png for that fantastic looking bird!  I really like your turkey hanger. 


Vinegar in brine?  :icon_eek:  I can't even think of a balsamic that would work. 

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That's cool. Where did you get that hanger? What is it called?

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Turkey looks tasty.

Sometimes less is more. I usually keep things simple. I like to dry brine turkey. 24 hours before your cook, rub the bird inside and out liberally with kosher salt. Place on a drying rack over a pan and place uncovered in the fridge. After 24 hours pull the bird out add seasoning, I use pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. That's it.

I'm pretty sure the vinegar in your brine was the deal breaker. There are many brine recipes out there. Never heard of one with vinegar. The roadside chicken I do has vinegar in it. It would be good on turkey too.
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Nice looking turkey,I agree with the others on the vinegar.
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