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Simple ribs

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Well it's Thursday night on the farm. Good night for a family meal of smoked ribs with cole slaw and potato salad. It's amazing how many different ways people turn out some delicious ribs. I thought I would share the way I do ribs. I got some St. Louis ribs from the store today. I put some of my rib rub on. Let them rest for an hour while the drum warmed up. Once up to temp (250), I put the ribs on bone side down. The temp was running a bit high today. Held 275-280. I don't fret about the temp as long as we stay ball park. Today was more ball park parking lot. I had the air valve just barely cracked. The thin blue smoke kept flowing so I left it alone. I like the flavor of cherry wood with my pork so I went with that. Started the ribs at 14:30. When I finally got around to temping them at 17:00 they were all around 175. Still not probe tender. I flipped them over and let them run til 17:45. Pulled the racks when they hit probe tender. Two were tender at 195 the other one went up to 203 before the probe slid in. I let them rest for until 18:30 when all the family came over. They demolished the ribs so they must have been good. Here are some pics of the cook.

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Nice job Jason!


The ribs look delicious!



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That Cherry gives such a pretty color. Nice work...JJ
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Those are some seriously good looking ribs!

Happy Smoking,
phatbac (Aaron)
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Great looking ribs!! I love the cherry wood and when I do ribs or butts, I always use cherry wood with a little hickory added in.


Points!  :points:

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Thanks guys they turned out great. I need ger my rub figured out by weight. Every time I make a batch it is different. This batch is just right.
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Tasty looking ribs!
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Great lookin ribs:drool points!!
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Righteous ribs! Points for sharing your technique!



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Thanks for the point disco. It's easy to do and the ribs are what I like.
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