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Cabela's Pellets?

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Any experience with using Cabela's Pellets?


Price isn't too bad.  The Q&A has some responses saying they are rebranded lumberjack...

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I've been using Cabela's pellets for about4 months. They are made by Lumberjack for Cabelas (this from Lumberjack), they are a 60% oak 40% flavor wood blend. I have had great smokes with them and because of the oak, they are great for grilling also. I will be switching to 100% Lumberjack when my supply of Cabelas is gone. While the price was good for a 60/40 blend $14.99, I was able to split a ton of Lumberjack and will be getting them for $15.80 for a 40# bag. That's the only reason I'm switching. 

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