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MES40 - Gen2.5 Box Size

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I'm planning to do a cross border shopping trip today (1.5 hour ride) to go buy a Gen 2.5 MES 40 at Sam's Club in Niagara Falls. I'm really worried that I won't be able to fix that in the car properly.


Anybody would be able to give me the dimensions of the box? Would fell stupid to drive 3 hours in total plus border crossing time not to be able to bring the smoker back...

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When I got my 30in the box fit tightly over the cabinet and everything that came with it was packed inside the cabinet. So for the 40in it would be 20in x 26in x 40in tall. Bring a few tools to remove the legs if they come installed.
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It did fit in the car!


For reference, the box size is 18 1/2" x 24" x 42". That is for the Sam's Club model 20070215 with 4 racks and the legs.


Even factoring in the US$45 Sam's Club Membership (with a $25 gift card if done online) and the CAD$60 of taxes at the border, this was a much better deal than the CAD$697 Amazon price.


Now where do I start :)

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Glad you got it. Looking forward to Q-Views in the future.

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