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I recently purchased a new propane fired Masterbilt 7in1 smoker.  FYI, these units were recalled late last year due to fire risk, and Masterbilt replaced the burner and regulator assemblies, which was completed before I purchased it new. So if you purchased one prior to 2107, you need to contact Masterbilt for replacement parts.


Assembled it, prepared for seasoning the unit, turned on the flame, beautiful blue. Allright - lets get smoking!


Returned to it maybe 10 minutes later and the blue flame is now yellow, and the sound the combustion was making indicated some type of restriction.


I shut it down, took the base, body, and top off of the cooker head, inspected everything, then re-lit. Beautiful blue flame again. Left the cooker head uncovered. 5 minutes later, yellow flames of death! Shut it down again, and started researching online.


Having come up with nothing definite as to how to resolve the flame issue, I kind of got the idea that the gas pressure was being reduced by the regulator to the point where it could not keep the flame blue.


I have a known, good 20# tank, so that is eliminated as source of issue.


After sleeping on it, I decided to see if the regulator from my retired MasterCook 7in1 could do a better job. Luckily, the same thread to connect to the venturi/burner was used, so it fit right on. 


It's been running nice and blue for the last 30 minutes or so, and the seasoning of the unit is back on track for the beer can chicken later today!


I am calling Masterbilt tomorrow to get a replacement regulator and hose.