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First time bacon.

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I bought a couple pieces of pork belly from the local butcher to try my hand at bacon.

I'm using Pop's Brine and added 1/2 cup of maple syrup (we like it sweet around my house).

This is the best container that I had to do the brine in so it will have to do. I did use a ziplock bag with water in to hold it down. If I continue to do bacon then I will get a better container.

I have it planned out that the belly will be in the brine 17-18 days and then 3 days in the fridge uncovered. This will allow me to smoke on one of my days off.

Any and all suggestions/criticism is welcome!
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You will love it.



I have something in pops brine right now.

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I've used Pop's brine before, but if you really start making bacon, find a good formula for dry cure and it will save room in the refrigerator

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You just can't beat homemade bacon & Pops brine is the easiest way to do it.


But as you do more bacon you may want to try the dry cure method.


I switched a few years ago & I like the results with the dry cure better.


And as said above it does cut down on the space needed in the fridge.



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Can I rub the belly and then put it in vacuum sealed bags?

I had some birthday money left over and has always felt the need to have one so I bought a vacuum sealer.
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You don't really need to vacuum seal the bags. I use simple 2 gallon zip locks. Now I just put whole bellies after rubbing down into their own 13 gal. trash bags. (New of course) and tie them up. 

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Well it has been 10 days now and I'm getting antsy! My wife has told me multiple times that it takes up too much room in the fridge and she wants her Tupperware bowl back...soI bought a new container and put it downstairs in the mini fridge. The anticipation is killing. Only another week and a half until I can smoke it!

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