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Anyone post a pic of the official 2017 fattie contest poster yet?
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Originally Posted by hillbillyrkstr View Post

Nighty night dinger.
Lol, cool pic. It was quite peaceful. Thanks for letting us plug in.
Originally Posted by hillbillyrkstr View Post

anybody who took pics please post them I was to busy trying to run this thing to take any.

Thanks the Fowlerville Pork Producers for donating the whole hog, and smoking all the fatties! They're kind of a big deal.

Thanks to the judges! 9 judges 33 fatties! This contest gets bigger every year!

Thanks to the new guys who came out. Had a great time and you all cooked some great food!

Last of the campers rolled out about noon.

Parties over!

It was a great time. I enjoyed meeting and talking with Greg. He's a wealth of bbq knowledge and very generous.
Originally Posted by BellevilleSmoke View Post

Wanted to say thank you again for inviting me to your event and I had a great time.  Meet some good people and learned alot, not to mention got to try some great fatties and learn some tips.  Appreciate all your hospitality Scott, look forward to being part of next years event if possible.
It was good meeting you and your brother Belleville. I'll be watching for more of your posts on the forum. Keep on smoking!
Originally Posted by hillbillyrkstr View Post

Crushed some leftovers from the fattie contest dinner. I didn't eat at all Saturday with the exception of a few bites of different fatties and the brisket we pulled after midnight.

Pork topped with southern slaw, dingers brisket, and some of stans beans did the trick last night! Wish I would have made a plate Saturday!

While my brisket was edible, it wasn't my best. I'll step it up next year for sure!
Originally Posted by Rings R Us View Post

Was wondering about adult beverages, didn't see any Solo cups floating around. But I did zoom in on a beer or 2.


Everyone was enjoying themselves and their drinks, But there were lots of kids around so it didn't get too crazy.
Originally Posted by Rings R Us View Post

Could charge a couple dollars next year. It wouldn't hurt my feelings.

I'd be more than happy to contribute $$ next year.
Originally Posted by HANDYMANSTAN View Post

I think at least a donation can.  I know this cost Scott quite a bit each year.
Agreed. I also think we should form small committees; trash wranglers, cutting board and cutlery cleaners, yard clean up crew, etc.
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I would be willing to put in some K.P. duty🤓 I'm off weekends and usually have a few days vacation to burn in June.
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I don't know how Scott felt, but I was the last to roll out Sunday and as I looked around found myself VERY impressed with the lack of strewn garbage trash or junk for the numbers.
I've had bigger messes after a normal Saturday afternoon BBQ.
That isn't to say I disagree with a sort of volunteer duty roster but the folks who attended were VERY considerate all on their own and did a fair job of policing their trash.

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As far as collections-donations go I would be more than willing to contribute. It was such a good time, I could not imagine that people would be taken aback by a small donation. I think we have all paid cover charges at bars....and that's a waste of money. I like the committee idea and I would be willing to lend my time before, during and after.
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2018 Test fatty heading for the smoker soon
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Originally Posted by Anglerman View Post

2018 Test fatty heading for the smoker soon

cool videos. You have one of these shirts? 😂
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Originally Posted by Rings R Us View Post

cool videos. You have one of these shirts? 😂

Holy crap NO but I neeeeeed one
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Man, I need one of those shirts.
Where'd it come from?
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I think it's my dad's shirt.
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Well that don't
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Originally Posted by jokensmoken View Post

Well that don't
Mom said she thinks from a gift shop somewhere near Manistee perhaps.. lol

I see online . They have some more.
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If you Google "fishigan state shirt" or fishigan state University shirt" you'll find several places to mail order or online order them.

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Thanks again everybody. While I'll never ask for more than a dish to pass donations are always appreciated. And any and all help with prep and set up the night before, or help running stuff or clean up the day of is always appreciated as well. Because of all the help Saturday cleaning up and breaking down the clean up Sunday wasn't to bad at all.

I'd just like to thank you all again. It was a blast! The biggest and best for the 5th year! Hopefully we can kick it up a notch next year.
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Found one more picture of the bon fire.
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That picture is a little close to what the fire was like till midnight or so.
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Nice pic dinger. But this years fire was tame compared to most fires we've had out here.

This is the norm around Wonder Dog Ranch.
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I had commented a few days ago about the burnt patches around the pit. Lol now I see why.
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Yeah it's usually way worse rings. Not sure why it didn't get a bit crazier this year. I had nothing to do with starting or keeping the fire going. Not sure who did. I know I have about 20 pallets left over. Maybe we will have a smaller get together in October or something.
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