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South Florida Spring Gathering - Apr. 28-30 W/Pics . ("You Missed It" )

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OK then.. sounds like it's gonna be a go ... Dates will be April 28-30 ... Book your sites now (although you don't have to camp if you don't want, day trippers are more than welcome) .... some come earlier... some stay later ...


Forum Member # of Guests Site # Notes
Keith (@JckDanls07) 1 87 Arriving Thur Maple/Bourbon Ham, Paper goods
Doug @dougmays   82

Arriving Fri Plates, Plasticware, Boneless Pork Loin

Site 86 is open 1 86


Carol @carol506

and @grumpa john

1 88/89

Arriving Fri Plates, Coleslaw

Mark @bobcats110   81 Arriving Fri   Baked Beans
Craig @Nimrod 1 135 Arriving Fri
Site 80 is open   80  
Steve @Florida Steve 1   Arriving Thur

Official Information:
Dates: April 28-30
Highlands Hammock Park
5931 Hammock Road
Sebring, Florida 33872
(863) 386-6094

Saturday is usually our "Main Day"..where we do most of the cooking, conversating, hangout, etc


Weekend Menu:

Friday - Smoked Ham (Keith) and Collard Greens (Doug)

Saturday "Lunch" - Stuffed Pork Loin

Saturday "Family Buffet" Dinner - Ribs from cookoff and......


Rib Competition (Saturday, Turn-in time 5pm...subject to change)





and anybody else who wants to .. 

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Well i better back up some as we are going to Germany in April

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I think early April would be best.


It still may be a little cool then.



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Where in Fl will it be held?

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Originally Posted by Social D View Post

Where in Fl will it be held?

We've been holding it at Highlands Hammock State Park in Sebring ...

Here's some info and pics for the last one...
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It doesn't have to be in April.. March 23 weekend all sights are open ...
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I'd be interested, usually good camping weather right thru to early May. Although it has been blazing hot down here for Christmas.  It may just be me & the dog as it is still peak season for Ann's Green Market business. A friend from Okeechobee missed the last one, I'll pass this on to him. Okee is a short hop from Sebring.


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Im in... and all healed up.

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Definitely, we're ready
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March would be good. 

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If there are spots available, I would think March would be better than April.



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Please dont make it last week of March. We have reservations that took me a year to secure. Anytime but that week.
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I better get to making stuff

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We are booked at Gamble Rogers March 27-30 so March date out for us. Any other date fine.
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I'm interested



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Interested, but need to see when Wife had Spring Break for her College courses, we re going to Atlanta then.


 Early April works better for me.


Keep in mind Easter the 16th.

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I cannot do the first april dates but other than that i think i'm free. 


Random question...since this is a one-off camping trip, would anyone be interested in doing this Spring event at a location a little further north :) 

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I'm in. Wherever, whenever!sausage.gif
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If i'm the only one who wants to try a different location, HH is fine with me:)

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Originally Posted by dougmays View Post

If i'm the only one who wants to try a different location, HH is fine with me:)

Are you hinting at a South Fla gathering in... dare I say it... South Florida???


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