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First attempt at snack sticks.

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Well i read everything i could before attempting. I used collagen casings, although i think sheep may have been a better choice. I had quiet a few blow outs when i tried to pinch and fold. I smoked them up to IT of 153, then into a paper bag in the fridge.
I need to figure out how to get them closer to the same size.
I cant see how anyone could possibly make money doing this! Alot of hours for a small batch.19c94cd0f2527362669c4ee4d112ba17.jpge6b2453944099e4dcb1807d16bd664c8.jpg

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Looks good to me.


As far as making money? If you dont have the needed USDA stamp on your packaging, Money is the least of your worries. Having the G-Man on your 6 is the problem.

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They sure look good from here!



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Yeppers them look good,,,,, That is why most of us do it for fun,, I do alot of trading for my sticks,, for other things like fish or cheese to smoke,,

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Looking good!
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ML, Your sticks look great ! After smoking the sticks I just slice with a sharp knife  to get my size,the ingredients will stay inside the casing.

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Thanks guys. My kids already ate half of them.  Would I be better off keeping the links long say 18 inches and tie them off, then slice.  I tried to pinch and fold (collagen casing) and it wasn't that easy. I guess tying collagen is the way to go.

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Matlocc, your sticks look great, I tie mine and that works good, keep practicing, it will get easier the more you do.


Good job.

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A lot more hours goes into making those dang things than you think for sure! A lot depends on the size and capacity of your equipment too.

Kitchen twine is your friend. I measured the length (height) of my smoker (MES30)  and found that making the sticks 26" long, folding them in half, and tying them together at the ends to hang from on S-hooks worked pretty good. I can fit about 15-20 of them (19mm casings). Cut to desired lengths after smoking.

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Ok, why hang them?

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Originally Posted by matlocc View Post

Ok, why hang them?

You can usually load a smoker with more sticks if you hang them, versus laying them on the grates.
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Super sticks, Sir!



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