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Another Stix Question

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Steer went to butcher yesterday so I'm planning on starting snack stick production in the next few weeks!

So I probably should have just bought a kit for my first time, but I didn't. Instead I purchased some of Willies Seasoning from Walton's. I also bought some 19mm smoke collagen casings.

My question is, what else do I need? I assume I need some sort of cure, but not sure what. Looking through the recipes on here I see some that use Cure #1. Some use a Mortin's Tenderquick.

Also, I notice some of the recipes have some other ingredients like non-fat dry milk, corn syrup, encapsulated citric acid, ect. Do I need to use any of these?

I guess I assumed that stack sticks were meat, seasoning and cure. Not sure if I'm overthinking this or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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I like the ac leggs kits they come with the cure, casings, seaso ings etc. I think their flavor profile has been my favorite. I also add high temp cheese & dried jalapeño for some varieties. I do add nfdm to my brats & summer sausage but haven't to stick. If you do a search on here you will find a variety of recipes.
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You will be getting alot of sticks going,,, Willies snack sticks are good, and I believe it comes with the cure,,, yes anytime you low and slow you need cure,,, I use NFDM,,, 1 cup per 5lbs,,,, with just getting started I would get a couple batches under your belt of the commerial brands that comes with the cure and everything then go from there 


Just my 2cents 


good luck - I see snack sticks in your future, 



A full smoker is a happy smoker 



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