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Replacement heating element

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I Have a homemade smoker that uses a brinkmann 1500 watt element. It finally died and I need a new one but everywhere I look they say it's discontinued. Anyone know of a close replacement?
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Google 1500W Smoker Heating Element. You will get options that you may adapt...JJ

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Nate, I am in the same boat.  I was looking today for a Brinkmann 1500 watt replacement and cant seem to find anything comparable.  Let me know if you happen to find anything, I will do the same.  

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I found this one.  I am not sure if links are allowed, so just cut and paste into amazon:


Universal Replacement Electric Smoker and Grill Heating Element with Adjustable Thermostat Controller **NEW 1500 Watts Higher Heat**

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i seen that one and thought about giving it a try but one it cost twice as much as the brinkmann I  had did and I don't like that the tempture controller would be inside, I can see it casuing problems being inside the smoker.   I think I may try this one Bloomfield 2N-70143UL 120-volt 1500-watt Heating Element and just put my own cord on

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You need to MAKE SURE that the Bloomfield is not made to be immersed, to dissipate heat, like a water heater element.


If a water heater element is not surrounded by water,, they will burn open very quickly.




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I found these when looking around:




Avantco PW50CKREL Heating Element - 120V, 1500W

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 14"
Width: 7 1/2"
Height: 5/16"




And this one for $36 made in USA:




Warmer Element 115V 1500W for APW Wyott - Part# 56322


( 16" X 7-1/2" ) (Terminals {Flag, w/Screw, Screw Only 10-32 X 1/4",



I pulled these quotes from this thread over here:


What did you end up using as a replacement element?



Originally Posted by madman mike View Post

I have the bottom mount as well, wish I didn't. Even with my drip pan there is always grease and drippings accumulating on the bottom. I also don't remove mine,


if your looking for a PID controller the one DirtSailor links to is good, but the duel probe controller is by far the best and worth every penny.


ive done 2 builds with it, and working on a third.


You can also use a finned strip heater, as high a wattage as you want so long as it fits dimensionally. The key though is you have to use the dual probe I linked with a finned strip heater. The reason being is that it can actually be programmed for the total power output. If you run a finned strip heater at full power with no forced air then they burn out. You can drop the total power output with the dual 1800w controller to match the max watt per sq" for still air ovens. They work very well with this set up. They also have a smaller footprint in the bottom of a fridge smoker, I use a sink drain under the finned strip heater for air intake and it doubles as a clean out drain.


Originally Posted by madman mike View Post

this is my 1st build with the brinkman element that mounts through the bottom. Its not hard to clean under it but its more annoying than had I mounted it through the back. I could have mounted it another inch or two higher




here is the new set up I am using, and this is in a gastro pub running several hrs most days. The finned strip works great, just have to have the right controller so it doesn't burn out I have a heat deflector that is an inch or two wider and 1/2" longer on both ends. Wires come through a small hole in the side and run through the wall of the smoker to my controller. Mounting brackets com apart easy for deep cleaning, the drain is air intake and a drain. No valve on the intake, which is 1.5", have a 2" exhaust with a ball valve to control air intake.


I will be posting some pics of the current build im working in a few weeks when its a little more interesting.



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