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Replacement heating element

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I Have a homemade smoker that uses a brinkmann 1500 watt element. It finally died and I need a new one but everywhere I look they say it's discontinued. Anyone know of a close replacement?
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Google 1500W Smoker Heating Element. You will get options that you may adapt...JJ

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Nate, I am in the same boat.  I was looking today for a Brinkmann 1500 watt replacement and cant seem to find anything comparable.  Let me know if you happen to find anything, I will do the same.  

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I found this one.  I am not sure if links are allowed, so just cut and paste into amazon:


Universal Replacement Electric Smoker and Grill Heating Element with Adjustable Thermostat Controller **NEW 1500 Watts Higher Heat**

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i seen that one and thought about giving it a try but one it cost twice as much as the brinkmann I  had did and I don't like that the tempture controller would be inside, I can see it casuing problems being inside the smoker.   I think I may try this one Bloomfield 2N-70143UL 120-volt 1500-watt Heating Element and just put my own cord on

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You need to MAKE SURE that the Bloomfield is not made to be immersed, to dissipate heat, like a water heater element.


If a water heater element is not surrounded by water,, they will burn open very quickly.




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