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Pig Candy on the new Rec Tec

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I was Smart & Final looking for some Tri-Tips for tomorrow and they had some bacon on sale so I figured why not. I have never seen or used this brand but it looks great, nice and thick. So I fired up the Rec Tec this morning for the initial burn-in while I got the bacon ready.


I coated the bacon with the only real maple syrup I could find and added a little white pepper.  Set the smoker to 250 and flipped the bacon at 1 hour. It's still on the smoker so I will post a picture of the final product in a pit.


1 hour in


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???? Nothing there...th_dunno-1[1].gif...JJ:biggrin:

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Sorry my PC was acting up and did not like the pictures. Should be fixed now.

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How long did you smoke it for total?

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It ended up being just a little under two hours.

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Looks good and it looks like you ate half of it before you got it out of the smoker.  :32:



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:biggrin: I admit there was a sample piece or two missing, but just forgot to take a picture before I started pulling it off.

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Awesome. This might have to happen this weekend. It looks delicious and I just happen to have a bunch of maple syrup my grandma just brought back from Vermont.

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That looks good. I too wondered, " How many Samples " it took to know it was done?:biggrin:...JJ

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It was done,when it was gone.

Good looking stuff.



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Tasty treat!



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Did you coat other side wile flipping it at one hour mark? Thx

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Air mail works.... I can supply address....

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