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I lit a tube full of hickory in the fridge last night just to play around with the fresh air intakes and this is what I got.

This is after about a half an hour, both intakes were completely closed, is this too heavy?




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Did you try it with both intakes open?


It does look a little thick.



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Mike morning....    I'm with Al....   If you still have those 2...  1" inlets, I'd run them open all the time...  The smoldering wood needs some oxygen to consume the creosote...   that will be better flavor smoke...      You don't have to see the smoke to get smoke flavor...   Also, with them open, any moisture will be swept out the exhaust...  that's a good thing..



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X3...That is ok but could be thinner. You want a good flow and smoke exchange happening. Need air for that...JJ

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Al, Dave, JJ


Thanks for the input!


I was thinking bass ackwards in that to get better/less smoke the air needed to be throttled down. I will try it with both intakes open tonight.


Thanks so much!!



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