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Hello from a newbie in Texas

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Hi there, everyone. I'm John from Texas (by way of NC -- starting to think I just follow great 'cue around), and I've got about a year of experimenting with offset smokers under my belt, so I'm still learning a lot (and have learned a lot from this site, which is an awesome resource, thanks to all who contribute their wealth of knowledge here).


I've been a longtime lurker here, and now that my wife and I have gotten out of apartment living and into a place with a yard, I've decided--what else?--to build my first offset. I started smoking while we were living in a tiny apartment on weekend trips to my sister's place outside of Dallas--cooking for a crowd was a lot of fun, and after seeing all the custom rigs I'd inevitably stumble across, felt the DIY spirit come over me to just make something of our own that we can use to feed more big groups and host some parties. And a beer or two wouldn't hurt...


My current cooker? An Aussie walk-a-bout portable charcoal grill my mother-in-law gave us.  Looking forward to seeing the upgrade through, and to contributing what I can here! 1 million questions to follow, guaranteed.




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Welcome to the forum, John!


Glad to have you with us!



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