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The Hoppy Pig Introduction

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Hi everyone,


My wife Sarah and I have started a BBQ Catering company in New Hampshire. We have a Rivergrille Farmers Grill Smoker, which is kind of like a cheaper Oklahoma Joe, that we modified to give us great results. We have only been smoking since February but we have probably smoked over 200 pounds of beef and pork in the last 8 months and we are hooked. We always had a hard time finding good BBQ in New Hampshire, it exists but its often a hidden jewel. I've referred to this forum many times in the past for questions so we feel its time we join the community and help out if we can! I can't wait to share our experiences and pictures with fellow smoking enthusiasts.



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Welcome to the forum Mike!


Glad to have you with us!



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Thank you Al!

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As a fellow North East smoker i highly recommend you check out Amaze-Q. she is the best of the best up here.
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Welcome to SMF!
Look forward to some great smokes/pics and tips.
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