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Pulled pork, 2nd try

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I have had my smoker for a while now and have used it very little due to the fact I can't get it to give me a good smoke. I have an mes and I've tried a bunch of ways to get good and consistent smoke. I may have finally accomplished that today. Got a pork butt for.88 cents a pound this week and figured I'd give it a try. This time I used a soldering iron for the chips/pellets and it had send to work well. Been smoking for 8 hours now and had to fill up only 2 times.

This has got me a butt that finally looks good, my last one looked OK but was very light on smoke. This one should be much better. It just hit 165 so I added some apple juice and foiled until done. I can't wait for it to finish I started it a bit late though. Here's the progress so far.
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Looking good so far
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I'm looking forward to the final results, should be great.
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Just finished eating a ton of pulled pork
In pretty happy with the way it turned out. Tender juicy with a good smoke flavor. I only let it rest for about 30 minutes or so before pulling since it got so late. Next time I might try a finishing sauce to see how that works out. All in all pretty happy and damn full.
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Great job. Glad it turned out well.
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The PP looks fantastic!


Nice job!



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Same problem with my masterbuilt. This sidebox attachment solved the problem. It produces to much smoke at times as to where you cant see inside. But if smoke is what youre looking for its a great $60 fix. It claims 6 hours of smoke if filled. Ive never filled over half way and achieved 2 1/2 -3 hrs so seems about right.
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Hey CAP. Glad you finally got some good PP.

I think everybody (except Bearcarver) has that problem. When it comes to a MES, John is the goto guy. I finally solved the problem by adding an AMNPS and a mailbox mod. Now I get all the TBS I could ever ask for. You don't want too heavy a smoke--it can adversely affect the taste.

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