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Ribs Two Ways

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I bought a couple racks of ribs to smoke yesterday. I took the membrane off of the back and rubbed them down. I used the 3-2-1 method when I smoked these. First three hours smoked these with hickory and pecan wood between 220-250. I took them off and wrapped them in foil and let them cook two more hours. I wrapped one with butter, honey, brown sugar, and a shot of Jack Daniels. The other was wrapped with butter, honey, brown sugar, and sweet Thai chili sauce. Afteri took them out of the wrap I put them back on the smoker for the last hour.

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Those look really good.  I'm liking the Thai chili sauce idea!  the wife wouldn't like it, but I'd be all over a rack!

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They both turned out amazing. First time I tried the sweet Thai chili sauce and it honestly was some of the best ribs I ever had.
If the wife wouldn't like them then that just means there is more for you. Enjoy if you try them this way
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Nice job on the ribs!


They look fantastic!



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Tasty looking ribs!
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SJS, Nice idea on the Thai ribs ,both racks look delicious !

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Righteous ribs!





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Ribs look great!
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Nice pull back on the bones.  Fine looking ribs.  Thumbs Up

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Mouthwatering pics! Thanks for sharing! Thumbs Up

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Very nice!
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