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Hello from Appleton WI

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Greetings all

Finally quit lurking and decid d to officially participate. Have been smoking for several years with electric and propane cabinet smokers but finally broke down and got a Green Mountain Grill smoker Daniel Boone and it has taken me to new heights. Turkey, wings, beef ribs and roasts and a few brisket snow.

I'm finally nailing the briskest after two failed attempts before. Looking forward to more fun.
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Foxvalleysmoker, welcome out of the shadows and into the fun club at SMF!  Glad you are here with the new toy and nailing your brisket!  Looking forward to seeing you around the Forum!


Have fun!

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Glad to hear you decided to join us!


Welcome to SMF!



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Welcome foxvalleysmoker! From another cheese head!
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