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Pork Loin Steaks Experiment

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We decided to try out some new seasonings on our pork loin steaks, bacon wrapped, of course. We used Chef Paul Prudhommes Magic Salmon Seasoning and Weber Kick'n Chicken.  These are two seasonings that we enjoy very much on salmon and chicken, respectively.


They both turned out excellent but the salmon seasoning edged out the chicken seasoning by a fraction.  Surprisingly, we liked them both so much we will probably use these seasonings from now on.


Here are the pics


initital seasoning...


2 hours later


30 minutes at 225F got them to 148F


finished product.  Kick'n Chicken in front, Salmon in back

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What no money shot? Looks tasty!
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They look delicious!


Nice job!



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Very tasty! B

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Looking good.



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