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In over my head

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So, I think I have a problem, I have always wanted to do competitive BBQ, well now that I have had several people tell me to. My wife is going nuts because of the prices, First I need a truck to get my smoker to and from. and she says she wants me to start. I know ill be getting my team name and everything shortly and we will see from there

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Good luck!

As long as your wife is on board with the idea, that's half the battle won right there!


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Let us know you team name when you get it.  I love to keep track of the teams and a fellow Smokingmeatforum contributor makes it that much more fun.  Very Excited for you...............and Jealous. 

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Will do
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That's fantastic!! Best of luck and yes, let us know your team name.

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Keep us posted, exciting stuff! Sounds like you have a very supporting wife as well, always a plus!!

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Yeah, it is expensive but you got to go for it. Lots of fun! I have only done a couple of comps and currently have no truck. For the last one we did my teammate and I rented one.
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