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First Timer with a New OK Joe

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Hey all, 


New to smoking, something ive always wanted to try and get into. Purchased a OK Joe Highland model, sealed and seasoned it and will be doing my first cook this weekend. 


Looking for recommendations on a good beginner smoke, i would love to do a brisket however i see posts saying it is difficult. Maybe a few racks of ribs?


Glad to be here. Lots of great info 



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I always recommend chicken as a perfect meat for a first smoke.


It doesn't take too long to cook, it's easy to cook, & it's cheap.


You can do the whole chicken or just parts.


Here is some good chicken recipes.



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Brisket is not an easy first time cook on an offset. To much can go wrong.
Just practice running a clean fire and enjoy your smoke.

Al's idea of chicken is a good suggestion.
Maybe also a nakid fatty. Fatties are always good.
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pork butts are pretty forgiving, but take a long time if you're not up for the chicken or fatty

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Thanks for the pointers, Grabbed a simple wing and thigh recipe from the link posted. Simple marinade with a rub. Cant wait to get home and fire up the smoker! 

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