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I have a bunch of small slab wood leftover from the Wood burner. It's mostly oak hickory some elm and Walnut. What I was thinking was to burn down to mostly coals and then scoop into smoker as needed. Would burning it that way be OK. Ps I have a lot of slabs
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Yeah, pre-burn will work fine, or, you could make your own hardwood lump by heating up and burning in a low-oxygen environment, such as a loosely covered drum. I read about the process on here, or maybe someplace else on the net, but not too complicated. The benefits of this method vs pre-burn is you have more fuel left to actually cook with, and, it's just a matter of adding fuel as needed instead messing with pre-burning every time you fire up for a have to get some wood burned down to coals in advance, so you have to time your burns, or just keep a fire burning the whole time.




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