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looking for a great chicken rub

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fellows going to smoke some chicken wings tomorrow. need a good chicken rub. thanks


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i got them them in a brine now, salt, garlic,rosemary, apple juice.


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Sounds like you're off to a great start sounds like a great brine. The rub I'm going to recommend isn't going to help you for tomorrow because you most likely have to order it. Oak Ridge BBQ makes some excellent rub. Their Secret Weapon chicken and pork rub is awesome.

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You know what I just use Montreal Chicken seasoning.



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I've been using Jeff's rub on mine lately.

Will be awaiting the pictures.



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Plowboys yardbird is a good one on chicken. It is also good to have around to try on other things. I use montreal chicken as well some times. Mcormick Roasted Garlic and Herb is also very good, and my wifes 2nd favorite to the plowboys.
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i would like to make one. used jeffs so much i am tired of the same old flavor. i will go throw some flavors together.


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Here's a screenshot of the "all purpose rub" that we've been happy with so far. We adjust it and tweet it now and then but it has resulted in meat that vanishes every time we serve it...
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I just use salt, pepper, granulated garlic, tyme, cumin,and some red pepper flakes. Seems to work well with wings. Brine them first then I let them sit in rub for 30 minutes in fridge while smoker gets up to temp. (275*F) 2 hours then finish some of them with Franks Red Hot sauce with a added stick of butter, unsalted of course. Simple and easy. I use almond wood BTW.
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