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Vortex Chicken

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Evening all

Couple of firsts today

1 Used these bad boys


2 I used a vortex


3 I cooked some chicken with apple wood for smoke


Chicken was moist with a crunchy fried like skin


Winner winner chicken dinner.

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The chicken looks good Thumbs Up


I am glad you got on well with the Vortex as I have one on order and am hoping to try it soon. 

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That Chicken looks good, I picked up an ice bucket from a job I was on. Thinking of chopping the bottom off it and giving that a try.
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It arrived yesterday so I will be trying it out over the weekend :biggrin:


Let us see if I can get some chicken looking even half as good as Osprey2's

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Tasty chicken!


I really like using the mini-booster (my knock off of the vortex for the mini-wsm and smokey joe).

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I grilled some wings, sausages and burgers for lunch today with friends and the Votex was incredible. They were devoured so fast that I did not even take photos. I will do when I try a beer can chicken during the week.


This simple device should be a standard feature for all kettle BBQs I think.

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Glad you like it Wade. It really is a simple device

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