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Smoked Deviled Eggs

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A friend at work gives me fresh eggs so i made some smoked deviled eggs for the guys at work for today.


I used Oak Pellets and the 12" A-Maze-N tube filled half way (gives me two hours of smoke) and let them sit in the smokey goodness.


They came out great!






Thanks for looking 


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Love those things!  I find it hard not to sample quite a few before the others get any...

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Yea I'm addicted to deviled eggs.


I could eat that whole tray!


They look delicious!



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Tasty for sure! Haven't made any in a while, probably should!
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Wow those look perfect! I love that color after being smoked, great job!
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Thanks Guys. I was surprised how much better they were with the fresh eggs instead of store bought.

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Those look pretty good. I have not done deviled eggs but I have smoked the hard boiled ones before with some bacon salt and they came out pretty good. I think soon I will have to do the deviled part. devil.gif
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Those look Great Link!!:drool


I'll bet they're Awesome!!:drool----Points.




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Oh them look great. Yep best ate away from the home. It would definitely be a gas issue couple hours later. Love deviled eggs. Put some smoked paprika on the top. Your friends at work loved you I bet.
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Link, looking quite tasty, I'll bet they went quick !

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Looks good! I've been seeing a lot of egg smoking around here lately. I'm going to have to jump on the bandwagon soon! 😊
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Wish I worked with cooler people! Eggs look great!
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I must be mean then. I show the people at my job what I smoke. Rave about how good it tasted. Take all kinds of pics of the food. When I heat it up in our microwave on my lunch. People are drooling and watching what I have to eat. I tease our maintenance guy the most. He loves to hate me.
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Yum! Try them in potato salad! Thumbs Up

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I'd eat 'em.

I just love deviled eggs, and those look great.



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YUMMMM YUMMMMMM... Love these things... here's something to try next time... cut the eggs in half before going in the smoke... this lets the yoke take some smoke and also the cut side of the egg... plus it makes the smoker look fuller.. biggrin.gif
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