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Some advice, please.

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I've introduced myself, and now I'm ready to ask some questions -


1. - What kind of hurdles can I expect when converting this ice box to a smoker, i.e. unsafe original materials, proper heating methods, ventilation???


2. - Who are the good component suppliers?  I don't want to spend a fortune, and I don't need the "best".


Specifically, I want to go with electric heat source(s) at 110V and I don't really need to start with the cold smoking until I become proficient at hot smoking.


Here's a couple pics of the ice box -



It's a true "ice box", no electrical at all.  I have the original top, and will only need to close off the top back portion, most likely with some sheet metal.


Let the suggestions, comments and encouragement begin!

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Nice looking unit. Looking over the post by others with fridge units will give you a lot of insight. Good luck on your build.
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