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Pulled pork

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Made pulled pork and ABT'S today. Pork took just over 9 hours to hit temp. Used oak and apple. Was my first time doing pulled pork, and first marathon smoke. Pork was juicy and flavorful.


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Love the ABTs. Good looking pork. So how'd it go for your first time? 9 hrs ain't bad. By the looks of it in the pic. Did you wrap it? What kind of rub did you use? Inject it? Hope you don't mind the questions.
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I did wrap it at 165 internal temp. I used my own concoction for the rub. I injected it with apple juice, and added a little apple juice when I wrapped. 9 hours was very long to me. First time I've ever cooked that long, and my RF loves wood. Every 30 to 45 min I added a split and 3 times I added a little chimney to rejuvenate the coal base. Still learning my cooker, overall I'm very happy with it. Although I need to figure out how to get my Temps below 250, I seem to only be able to keep 250 to 275, below that it starves the fire to much and I get white smoke.

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Raise the question with these people. I use a MES30 and a converted Bradley so I probably won't be able to help with the heat question. But I'm sure that you can get the answers you seek. Just post in general section and your smoker type. I'm sure you will get what you are looking for.
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I'm pretty sure it's just my lack of experience with fire management. I just built the smoker and I'm still learning it's quirks.

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Nothing wrong with smoking at 250-275.

My RF likes to settle in around that range too.

I just let it stay there.

I don't notice any difference between 225 & 275 except the food cooks faster.



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My smoker likes to run at 250-275*, so I have revised all of my cook times to match this. I really like that temp range and there's no stress trying to force something that my smoker doesn't like. My meat gets done quicker and I think that the fats react better to this temp range.

Good luck and good smokin'. Learn to be a friend to your smoker. It will give you great results. Joe. grilling_smilie.gif
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Looks great. My pulled pork usually takes me 12 hours or more with a big butt. I've considered slicing it into smaller bits to see how much time I can save. There's also the added advantage of having more bark too... yummy yummy bark.
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I didn't have much of a bark because of wrapping it, but it was delicious.
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I found within the site that if you want more bark take it to 180 or 190. Then wrap and take it to 210 in final temp. You will have more bark and still will be juicy within the meat. Not sure on the 180 or 190. Been a while and can't remember what thread it was in. I usually go to 185 then wrap. I get alot of the bark still.
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Once you learn your pit then you'll know it's personality. Then it should be easy to smoke on.
The size of the fire controls your temperature.
I agree with Al & Joe on offset likes running around 275 with very little effort maintaining that temp.
I have done 8lb pork butts @ 300 degrees in about 6 hours wrapping them @ 165.

Nice smoke enjoy your smoker icon14.gif
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Totally agree with what others have said. Mine changes the temps it likes depending on type of wood and outside temps, but 250 to 280 seems to be the norm. Go with where your smoker is comfortable. I'm not sure where this 225 thing came from, but it's not at all necessary. I've read about competition brisket guys cooking at over 300....
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I think the 225 thing is just preference. Its like saying dont cook meat in the oven above 350 or it won't be tender.
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I guess you just here 225 so much that it sticks in your head. But I'd like to be able to do jerky which needs a lower temp. If I can't keep it lower I'll just have to build another smoker lol.
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Very good looking food.

You'll get used to how your pit wants to operate.

Then it will get easier and easier.

Points to you, nice smokin'.

Have fun.



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