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new to SMF

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I am looking for input on building a smoker. I am from north Alabama and we are known for our pulled pork around here. I have been smoking pull pork and chicken on a bullite 2 layer smoker bullet smoker. I have smoked on big tank smokers some. I am looking to build a tank smoker on a trailer.I have been looking around on the Inernet for info on building smokers and I have seen a lot of good things from this group. This smoker will be for family and fund raiser's. Would also like to lean to smoke fish and other things.
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Hi Phil!




to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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Hi Phil, :welcome1:  to you.

You're looking for information?

Well you came to the right place, huge amounts of great

knowledge here and good people willing to share.

Pictures are good things.

Have fun.



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Thanks, My full name is Phillip I just used Phil for this forum. The fire part of my forum name is because I am a Volenter FF. I am in the planning stage of my build. I have the tank and trailer. Just want to learn and plan as much as I can befor I start cutting. I have been reading a lot about calculating for the FB/CC. I am just wanting to build the best smoker I can the first time. I tack a lot of pride in my cooking for me and a group. Will try to learn how to post pictures to share about my build.
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