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Jerky interruptef

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A few hrs into smoking a batch of jerky and I had to leave for a hockey game. Thought I had enough time to finish but had to leave. Game earlier than i thought and had to pick up soneone else. Have found a thread on charcoal snake, for next time.
Wondering effect of pulling meat off smoker and refrigerating until I get home.
Any tips for best way to get jerky back on? Wait til room temp? Or just put back on grill when ready?
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What was your recipe...  was there Cure #1 in the jerky...   What was the cooking process you were following....


The general rule is....   Once you start cooking meat, continue cooking until finished temp has been achieved..... 


Reason...  during the heating cycle, bacteria starts to grow, continues growing during the cooling cycle, then starts growing during the next heating cycle...   Too much time for bacteria to grow...  Could be not good for human consumption.... 

In a charcoal burning environment, there is a severe lack of oxygen... reduced oxygen environments PROMOTE the growth of botulism...  

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