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Definite Newbie

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Hey, from Texas and just began smoking fun.  Got a 26" Hallow smoker for my birthday--nice, but kind of small.  So,  thank you and You Tube for learning how to use my Weber kettle as a smoker.  That was just right.  So now, my first Salmon smoke was pure outright FAIL-- going to try again today by using a brine.

Note-- the first attempt seemed way too sugary.. Suggestions welcome as I intend to get it in brine and in the fridge in a few and smoke it tomorrow. 

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Hello and welcome to you. 

I can't answer your questions on the Salmon thing.

But if you jump up top to that little deal up there that

looks like a magnifying glass, just type in Salmon.

you'll get lots of information.

You could also jump right out into the forums and ask

you will get answers.

Hope it comes out great for you.

Pictures of your smokes are good things.



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Welcome from SC it's good to have you on this great site.
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to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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If you are looking to cold smoke the fish then this uses a dry brine. It produces good consistent results.

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