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First go at smoked chicken

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Well I finally bit the bullet and decided to try something new. I live on a farm where we raise pigs and various other things. I have smoked a lot of pork and love it. Today for family cook night I decided to do some chicken. I have two whole chickens and a ton of thighs in a basic brine. A couple questions. I plan on smoking on the uds with mostly cherry and a bit of alder. My target temp is going to be 325. It has decided to rain so we will see how this goes. How long will a spatchcocked chicken take to cook? I was thinking about 2 hours but am unsure. The thighs will go on later I'm guessing about an hour or so. Am I way off? We will see how this goes. Never done chicken or spatchcocked one either. It's just fun to say. Will post some pics when I get up and running.
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Big birds in hoping 3 hours will work.
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I usually smokes a spatched chicken @300-325 in about an hour and a half. Plus or minus. If you're running 325, three hours should be more than enough.


Just looked at time of post, how's it coming?
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Spatchcocked birds are done. Temped at 163 in the breast. They look amazing. The skin feels crispy. Unfortunently I can't eat until the family gets here soon. The thighs are on and cooking. Should be done for round two.
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So the report. After smoking for 2.5 hours at around 350*, the spatchcock chicken was amazing. It was extremely juicy and had great smoke flavor. After the brine I dried a while with the fan then put a rub on them. I used some smoked paprika, smokey mesquite, Montreal steak, pepper and garlic. I think I will try a different rub next time. It wasn't horrible just didn't have a wow taste. The drumsticks were done in just shy of an hour at 325. I couldn't get it much higher with the mass of chicken that was in there. The drumsticks were killer. I used my pork rub on those. For smoke I used a mix of hickory and cherry.
Winner winner chicken dinner. I tried to get some more pics but the mass of kids demolished it. I also made a cold broccoli salad. For being a first time I think it went well. Don't think I will change anything other than the rub on the big birds.
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The chicken looks delicious!

Nice job!

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Thanks Al. I can't believe I have never tried chicken. Will defiantly do it again.
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That's some nice looking chicken!! Chicken and UDS go well together!
Nice looking smoke!
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