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Fancy not too Shmancy Salmon

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Well, it was my wife's birthday last week and she wanted smoked salmon so I was going to try Disco's Fancy Shmancy version. Well, I ended up getting the flu or some awful crap the day before so all I could manage was to fillet the one belly side and pin it with a small skewer (no butchers string to be found). After slapping some seasoning on it and I had to lay down I felt so bad. So, she ended up having to grill her own salmon on the propane for her birthday. Double Dang-it!! I must say she did a fine job though. My steak ended up going to leftovers for salad.


I'm finally starting to feel a bit better now so I do believe I owe her something smoked in the near future.



Thanks for looking!

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Looks great.  Maybe she should start wearing the grilling apron on a more regular basis.....:yahoo:


Seriously, I hope you feel better.   You need to plan your illness times for more like during winter when you're not expected to be in front of the grill.

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Looks Great, Betaboy!!:drool


Looks & Sounds like She's a Keeper!!Thumbs Up




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Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Tell Mrs. Beta for me, That's fine looking food.



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Hey, that is a missus to be grateful for! Pick her up a flower. She deserves it!


I'm glad your feeling better. The flu really takes a person down.



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Looks delicious!

Great job!

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Thanks all!! She sure is a keeper, like magic in the kitchen. I better watch out because if she starts to fire up the smoker I think I might be out of a job! We were going to have a side salad as well but since she got stuck doing it all we just called it good.


Anyway, flowers have been since picked! :biggrin:


Thanks for looking!

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