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MES not smoking

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I've had the MES (analog thermostat version) for about a year and have used 25-30 times with good success. Recently the wood chips have not been igniting (thus no smoke) at temp 225 to 250 F. At the start I realized the design flaw with this MES (the chip pan didn't make contact with the element) and I've had a wedge of foil fixing this issue. So, even though the pan is in contact with the element, no smoke. I don't soak the wood and have used the same brand since starting. Any thoughts? Thanks

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AMNPS pellet smoker.    MES smokers are known for not producing smoke.     Todd sells them and is a sponser.

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You might want to get a new smoker that does produce smoke.
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A Smoke Ring from Smoke Daddy will definitely produce smoke as well as stay lit. I also have the Tube from Todd and it does a pretty good job, but having used them both with success, I prefer the Smoke Ring, lthough either one should do the job way better than the AMPS.

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