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Blackened New York on the Griswold

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Went to Costco yesterday bought 2 pork bellies (Pancetta coming soon!), also bought a nice brisket flat (smoking tomorrow), and 2 four packs of New York steaks.


I cranked up the Griswold this afternoon; smokin hot butter Cajun blackened with a side of butter sauteed minced garlic and mushrooms.


A dang good meal to start off a Labor Day weekend.



The Tones Cajun works perfect for a blackening seasoning.






Tasty mushrooms and garlic




She really smokes with this technique, definitely can't do this in the house.


The smoking butter sometimes flames up too. Thumbs Up






I like a little A-1 on the side.


TJT = Tender, Juicy and Tasty!



Thanks for looking.

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Nice cook John ! That all looks tasty, steak looks perfect ! icon14.gif
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Hey John, that looks delicious!


I said the next steak I cook will be blackened & I did a ribeye 2 nights ago.


Thread to come!


Point to you for inspiration!



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John That looks fantastic,now I am starving Points


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My favorite!drool.gif
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Oh my that looks perfectly cooked😋
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Nice job Big Guy. point!


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Smokin super steak equals points.



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