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Temp Difference on Backwoods Party Help

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Alright, so this may be a stupid question without an answer but I figured I'd try.  So obviously on the backwoods party the heat rolls in from the top, this I get. I have done about a dozen cooks and the difference in color I get on my meat is significant between meat on the bottom shelves and the top.  Is there any way to remedy this?  I have tried less water in the water pan to no avail.  It is a pain when I am doing wings to have to shift all the meat from the bottom to the top to get some color on it, as well as other items.  



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Some smokers, it is what it is...My MES cooks evenly but load it up and there is variation top to bottom. Seems this just may be inherent in vertical smokers...JJ

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I don't have a Party but I do have an old Patio (discontinued years ago) and I ran into the same problem with variation from top to bottom. I just got to the point where I swapped shelves every so often. The shelves on the patio weren't held in by anything, so moving them was pretty easy.

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Thank you all for the input!  I figured as much that there was just a natural variation.  I generally swap the shelves now, or place items up top that need the high heat.



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Don't have a BWS but have a Humphrey's.  They're very similar.  On mine the intake for the chimney is low in the back wall and has an adjustable "damper".  I run mine about 20-25% open.  It evens out the temp differential.


Do you have any way to control the outflow other than the exhaust damper?

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