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MES upgrade kit purpose ..???

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I am a bit confused when I received a free upgrade kit from Masterbuilt . My unit was well out if warranty
And they stated the upgraded chip holder tray and feeder tube was re designed to prevent flare ups . I never had that issue but wondering if anyone else has and the reason ( other than a overfilled chop tray ) that a flare up would occur . I use a wide vatiety of chip types
Including the Bradley pucks
And my own custom mixed wood
chips and never a problem .
They (MES) cust service again replaced at no charge another
control panel ... my indicator green led for the on /off was intermittent and
the problem is common with the panels from that vendor.
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Masterbuilt does have their problems, but luckily they have one of the best customer service departments around.

They have a lot of units in use & I think that the problems they have are small compared to the amount of units they have sold.



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Thanks Al I am quite happy with my 30 I was just wondering about the change in the chip tray and the smaller size chip holder . And yes MES smokers are backed up well with Customer Service.
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