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Mesa, AZ

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Hi all,


Im Ron from Chicago but moved down to Mesa, AZ last year. I've been smoking for a few years. I used an offset for 7-8 years but didn't move it down here. Now I have a bullet style that I can't stand and just picked up an electric for making Jerky. Jerky is new to me. I usually smoke ribs and pork shoulders. I'd like to try a brisket but am waiting until I pick up another offset. Looking forward to finding some tips and tricks, maybe a recipe or two...

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Hi Ron!




to SMF!


Glad to have you aboard!



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Welcome to the SMF Family, Ron!!!


Ah, the bullet...they can take a lot of imagination to get them smoking the way you like. I bought a Brinkmann Gourmet for something to give me a challenge about 5 or 6 years ago. I ended up with a double-barrel stacker 3-4 grate configuration, raised coal-grate, smoke box for a pellet smoke generator for hot or cold was pretty well loaded for anything I could possibly want to smoke. I was using a Smoke Vault 24" at the time, and previous to that a Brinkmann SnP 40" with tons of mods. The Gourmet keep me busy for a couple years, but they can tend to test your patience.


Recently, I parted with all of my gassers (just not my game anymore), and grabbed a WSM 18.5" (bullet). Works well without any mods, and in combination with my Weber kettles (OTG-18.5" with rotisserie kit, OTG-26.75") I can cook for most every gathering that comes my way.


Good luck on your quest for another pit. They do give one a nice large grate for preparing your creations. Recipes abound here, and lots of tips and discussions, as well. If you can't find something with browsing the sub-forums or with the ADVANCED SEARCH tool, just shout. Someone will come running...well, virtually, anyway...LOL!!!




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Well Mesa Az caught my eye.

What brand of bullet smoker do you have?

Welcome to the SMF neighbor!

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I'm not sure of the brand. Picked it up at home depot. My main issue is that it has a side access door for both the charcoal and food, so everytime I add charcoal my temp plummets. I had read the "true" smokers had smoke coming from underneath and that's why I decided to try the bullet. My wife pointed out that my smokes with the offset were excellent so why change?
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