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Too much to fix

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I made some breakfast sausage with hog and deer. Used an LEM pack...even with 75% usage way to much sage flavor. Like a bag of leaves. Any ideas on how to cover this up with another spice?
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You could add more meat, that's probably about the only way to tone it down.
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Like I always say, dilution is the solution to pollution.  Add more meat.

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I mixed the batch. No more to add right now. So looking for a fix as I fry it up.
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AM, Run down to the store and add some ground beef and ground pork.

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what size lem breakfast sausage package did you use and what was you meat amount

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Apologies breakfast sausage kit was Hi Mountain not LEM. LEM I use for sticks, and Pepperoni are great!

The Hi Mountain I made for a 12 lb batch I believe. Based on the usage chart provided.
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double check your usage amounts. mixing may be the culprit. May have had a concentrated area of mix. try another sample.  Adding more meat is ok but you will have to add more salt. add some binder and a little water. white pepper will settle down the sage too. 1/2 tsp / 2 lbs.



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