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Stainless smoker build

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Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'm on my way build in this smoker that I started in June but work a lot of hours and can't work on it as much as I'd like to. This smoker will be all stainless steel. It's 16 gauge 1.5" square tube frame and 11 gauge walls. Fire box will be offset and its 1/4" and fire bricked all inside besides the lid becuase that might be 1/2" for cooking surface,Got the plate for 1.20$ per pound and they were water jet cut Rem pieces. I have 5 pieces and just need a lid. The 4x10 1/8" sheet I got for 1$ per pound, so I'm doing pretty good so far, hoping to have a smoker that will last the rest of my life for 1000$, fingers crossed lol. This is my first smoker build and have never ran a stick burner before so I'm pretty green. I have a question on what size exuast and intake to run and also how low should my exuast be?
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I posted a pic but must be getting checked first. Anyway. Inside of smoker demensions are 31 3/4" wide,18 1/4" deep and 24" tall in front and 21 1/2" tall in back( slanted roof)firebix will be about 20"wide x20" deep and 14" tall. Then I'll be adding fire brick so the box will get smaller. I'm hoping to find 1" thick brick. If someone can convert the cooking chamber into gallons that would be awesome too know!
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So the fire box is 17-17 1/2" wide actually my mistake earlier. How do I post a pic? It's not working for me
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Asking for help here thanks
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Hi there.

Use this calculator and you will have a smoker that works great. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/a/reverse-flow-smoker-how-to-calculate-build-tutorial

There are still no pics here of your build so makes it a lot harder for anyone to comment on.

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lets see if these go up?
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Pretty small pics... But what ever1.5" tube 16guage cut with my knew 5" Bosch
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Yep there pretty tiny:(
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Looks like the chook is ready to be cooked lol

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Well you are definitely a good welder!



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Lol, thanks it's good to know I'm good at something. Hopefully cooking some meat low and slow will be one of them too. I'll post a drawling of what my smoker will look like and what kind of design it is so we can get a better outlook on the intake and exuast, thanks

Also I bought some insulation from Home Depot, the pink fiberglass kind but already took it back and thinking about getting something more high heat, and I'm really not even sure how high the stuff at homedepot goes to but didn't want to take a chance. I've seen stuff called roxwool or something like that but, insulation is my next step so I'm also all ears on what insulation works good for a good price.
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Originally Posted by motolife313 View Post

lets see if these go up?

So lets see, its 5 chickens wide x 2 chickens high. Seconds on the welding!!
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Not sure whats available in the US, but I use 2" mineral wool for my insulated builds.   

I also paint with hi temp or anti oxide the interior cavities in case they sweat.


The chook knows where it's destiny is!

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i know I suck at drawling and writing on this paper sucked! So this is the kinda I'm planing on building. Stack on the backside so I don't get nasty stuff dripping on my food. I was thinking 2 intake pipes at about 2.5" id and 4" exuast, how's that sound? Wanted to make the stack about 5 ' long so I don't run into smoke getting everywhere problems. Thanks kory
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About that ya maybe 3 chickens deep lol. Ya the welding doesn't take long, maybe 5 or less % time invold will be welding. Tig is a slow proscess tho. This will mainly be fusion weld to prevent warping. Lots of welding tho that's for sure so heres some welding pics if I don't mind me posting
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heres the main frame. All 45 degree joints. Set on ordering some roxul Rock wool
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Spend a little time making a more detailed drawing or I can put you in touch with a CAD expert in Croatia who charges $12 hr and and whip you up a detailed drawing.

To me depending on the length of intake tube and if it has bends it sounds awfully small to me.

Your smoker may have a few problems with the connecting tubes being too small/long and the exhaust being to long. Both these areas will be where the smoke cools and stalls. 

Also where the smoke enters and exits will be potential hotspots.  Try to get the entrance for the exhaust low..  my 2 cents

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Thanks man but I really don't need a drawling. I didn't have much of any plan at all writin down, just the lengths of the framing, everything else is in my head. I could step it up to 3", what is a good smoker calculater to run on my type of smoker? Thanks a lot, tunes from the fb to the cc is gona be about 3 feet at most, similar to a reverse flow I guess sense it takes more time to get to the cc.
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Was thinking about making a water pan a few inches above where the intake tubes come in the cc to prevent the hot spots, was thinking about putting the stack about 3/4 of the way done the cc, sound ok?
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