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I think I accomplished the basics when it comes to temp and at least having something edible. Now for the Vets here i was trying to get some different ideas of what to smoke and new things to try for my family. chicken, pork butts, turkey legs are the usual things i smoke. i was wondering how you get into some of the other things I have tried ribs to no avail they were edible but it was disappointing. 


So what did you Vets do to expand your process and or try to get more efficient at smoking.


this is my smoker i have gaskets on the doors and i sealed the fire box to the smoker. I also use wireless temp monitoring



thanks in advance



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I smoke ribs @ 225*. Have you tired the 3-2-1/2-2-1 or variations for pork ribs? Try smoking Baby Backs for 3 hrs, foil for 90 minutes, 30 minutes back on open grates (3-1.5-0.5), or Spares for 4-2-0.5.


Also, have you tried smoking pork chops, steaks, burgers, hot-dogs, breakfast links, brats, meat-loaf, potatoes, squashes, no-boil mac & cheese? You can smoke just about anything...if you like smoke and veggies or other side dishes, well now, there's a whole new world out there just waiting for you to explore it.




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You just have to keep practicing.

Take detailed notes on each smoke & change things that don't work.

It took me years to get my ribs the way I wanted them.

Just have patience. It will all come together.



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That's great advice from AL. Just keep practicing.
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Spend time surfing all the recipe web sites. There are literally millions of them. Nearly all recipes can be adapted to the smoker.

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